Susanne Hotep
I can write... Your obitury!
Follower of Seshat
Witch of all traits
The Writing Witch
Specialty:Hieroglyph Writer
Family:Unknown family from Seattle
Date of Birth:6-9-1996
Physical Description
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Gold/Orange
Appears In:

The Red Pyramid


Suzanne Hotep is a magician from the House of Life. As a magician she follows the path of Seshat, Goddess of Writing. By following the path of Seshat, Susanne has become an adept at writing her own spells. Her own spells drain more magic. Her most famous spell is "Su-Ni" this spell is a spell to make a quick getaway by flooding the surrounding area in an aray of reeds.


  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Endless Papyrus
  • Magicians Box

Favourite GodsEdit

  • Seshat- Is inspired to be a powerful Spellcaster because of her motivation towards Seshat
  • Bast- Loves how Bast treats them all like Kittens. Loves Advanced Napping.
  • Bes- Always wants to drive his Mercedes, but no, he won't let her.
  • Sobek- Has days out with Sobek and learns the aspect of Crocodiles.

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