Eliza Johnson
I am not the Sun. But I am the Sky. I SEE YOU!
The Starry Eyed Mage
Specialty:Sky Magic
Family:Family in Nevada
Date of Birth:8-8-1995
Physical Description
Hair Color:Navy
Eye Color:Blue

Eliza Johnson is a recent initiate to the Brooklyn House. She is from a family that comes from Carson City, Nevada. She decends from the Pharoh, Seti the First. She has strong-ish magic essence. She was the quickest to catch on to Bast's hand-to-hand combat training.


  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Magicians Box
  • Amulet of Nut (Able to make her invisible)

Favourite GodsEdit

  • Isis- Loves how much dedication Isis has on power.
  • Sobek- Loves how mysterious this God is and has spent years admiring his indecisiveness
  • Thoth- Goes to his Temple every summer in July and looks for new scrolls on Nut.

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